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About Us

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Diamond Valley Kennels are the premier boutique home for Cavoodles, Spoodles, Golden Retrievers and other selected breeds.

The stunning location of Diamond Valley Kennels enhanced by the purpose-built facility is the ideal combination for breeding and caring for Mums, Dads and their gorgeous litters. The utmost care and attention are lavished on our little precious treasures.

Our vast years of experience, knowledge and outstanding reputation gives you peace of mind that you are purchasing your puppy from a quality breeder of choice.

All of our dogs are loved and cared for, with great interaction with family, staff and other adult dogs. Our large facility gives them plenty of space for them to exercise each day.

Diamond Valley Kennels About Us Cavoodle

Our nursery area

This specialist area has been purpose built so that we can monitor and care for mum and their puppies at this vital stage. Our whelping mothers are located in this purpose-built air-conditioned nursery and no expense is spared on their care and comfort. Our new puppies have a very early interaction with us humans.

Our puppy graduation yards

Once puppies have been weaned from their mums, they graduate to our puppy grass area/kennels where they enjoy the freedom to roam and play with their litter siblings during the day. These yards have different areas of shade, access to the night kennel area and playtime fun with our staff.

DVK Puppy Graduation Yards

Our adult area

Once our mums are able to leave their litter, they move back to our adult area where they have the facility to join other mums and enjoy playing and socialising. Our staff interact with the mums and dads having fun on the play gym and water pools.

DVK Adult Area

Licenses and governing bodies

We have an annual full inspection and audit by our local shire council to receive our ongoing licence. Local Council Registration: We have a full annual inspection by our local council to enable us to receive our ongoing licence.  

Pet Industry Association of Australia Logo

We hold and are an approved member of the PIAA, which we fully comply with their code of conduct for the Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA). 

We have an annual Vet audit that is carried out on our premises to ensure that our dogs and facilities meet the standards required to hold our PIAA membership. 

Domestic Breeders Registration Number: We hold a domestic breeder’s licence which has more stringent codes of practice than a normal ‘registered breeder licence’.

One of the most common questions we are asked is are we a registered breeder.  The answer is we hold a domestic animal licence that has strict code of conduct that ensures the wellbeing of our dogs and puppies. A registered breeder can only breed purebred dogs who normally focusing on their genetic lines for show dogs.  This does not necessarily mean that the breeder meets the animal welfare standard that is laid out in the criteria and requirements to hold a domestic animal licence. So, in short the licence that Diamond Valley Kennels hold is a higher level and more stringent code of practice than a registered breeder.

BIN: BIN0000479641785

About our puppies

Buying a puppy is a big commitment and one that will change your life.  We aim to breed puppies that will be a welcomed addition to your home and family and will become your forever friends. We pride ourselves on breeding healthy, loving puppies with beautiful temperaments that become loyal companions and great family pets.

Diamond Valley Kennels About Our Puppies

Your puppy will be well socialised with both children and other animals, weaned from its mother, eating on its own and have begun their toilet training. 

Each puppy comes with vaccination card and will be registered on the Micro global microchip Pet register 7 business days after collection.  

We breed Toy and Miniature Cavoodles, Toy and Miniature Spoodles, Miniature Dachshund as well as some other small breeds such as Shoodles, Moodles, Shihtzu and Maltese cross breeds.

Visiting our kennels

We welcome visitors to view our puppies and are open most Saturday and Sunday 9.00am – 1.00pm. If you would like to visit us any other time, we can arrange this by appointment.

Our showroom can sometimes get very busy and we ask you to read and adhere our entry notice on arrival for you and our puppy’s safety.

We do ask that if you already have a furbaby that you leave your current fur babies at home.

We ask you to use the hand sanitizer provided before entering our showroom and sign in at reception in our guest book.  

Children must be seated in the ‘Children’s Viewing Area’ at all times when handling puppies to avoid accidents.

We will make your visit as enjoyable and informative as possible. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are happy to answer your questions.

ABN: 93 644 940 009

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