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Toy & Miniature Cavoodles

Diamond Valley Kennels Cavoodles

How can anyone not love a Cavoodle! Their appearance is very appealing, with long floppy ears, large brows, gorgeous big brown eyes and a cute little face. They are very loyal and loving who are kind with a calm disposition and super intelligent. They adore human interaction especially with children and make great therapy companions and family pets. 

Cavoodles are ideal for those seeking a small dog as they are well suited to apartment dwellers or those that have a small yard.  Their size varies depending on if they are a Toy Cavoodle or Miniature Cavoodle. We breed both and as a guide only,  the average sizes range from: Toy are 30-35cm/5-7 kgs or a Miniature 40-45cm/8-12kgs depending on the size of Mum and Dad. Like us humans, sizing isn't something that can be guaranteed but we try to anticipate the size that puppy will grow taking into account the weight and height of their parents but there can obviously be outside factors that will play a part in their overall size and development.  

Cavoodles usually are low to non shedding, so are often tolerated by allergy sufferers. Their coats are generally thick and soft and can be straight or wavy. You will need to brush them at least once a week to eliminate  matting of their fur close to their skin. This is great as an additional care regime to compliment a professional groom every six-eight weeks depending on how long you prefer your pooches to have their fur.

Cavoodles are happy and content to sit by your feet and watch a bit of TV or curled up on your lap having a snooze. They are an intelligent breed that can easily be trained and love their human interaction.  They enjoy their daily walks or trips to the dog park or beach. They love to socialise with other dogs, and you will find you become very popular on your walks. 

We breed first and second-generation Toy and Miniature Cavoodles. Being a crossbreed, their appearance can vary significantly from dog to dog. Colours can range from Solid Black, Black and Tan, Blenheim (tan and white) Tri Colour (black, white and tan) Apricot, Red or Ruby Red. 

Cavoodles make a fantastic addition to the family unit and you can expect them to be part of your life for approx. 12-15 years.