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Other Breeds

Diamond Valley Kennels Other Breeds

We also breed a selection of other selected breeds of which some have been crossed with a toy poodle. We currently breed Groodles, Aussie Doodles, Shoodles and Moodles (rare).  We also breed 

Depending on the breed of the small dog and cross, will determine the size / weight and characteristics of the potential puppy.

We also breed Golden Retrievers and Groodles (Golden Retriever x Mini or Standard poodle). 


Diamond Valley Kennels Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are sweet and gentle animals full of energy and zest for life as puppy's but develop into a wonderful, settled temperament when adults which is around 18 months + old. They are highly intelligent and need to have a couple of brisk walks together with some mental stimulation each day. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders.  Some have a medium length coat that is quite easy to groom where others have lots of feathering which takes a bit more care to avoid tangles.  So the rule of thumb is to brush on a regular basis so that mats don't develop.  On average, their sizes are approximately 52-60cm in height (to wither) and 25-35kgs depending on the size of their parents.  Generally, the females are normally smaller than the males. Their expected life span is around 10-12 years.


Groodle's (Golden Retriever x Poodle) or 2nd Generation Groodle's (Groodle x Poodle) are our big teddy bears. Gorgeous colours and beautiful low shedding coats can make this breed ideal for allergy sufferers. They are a great family pet that become wonderful companions with every household member whether it be of the human or other dog/cat variety. The have the intelligence of the poodle making them easy to train but the loving nature shines from the golden retriever making them gorgeous members of the household that loves to be a part of everyday life with you.   They do need regular exercise and playtime. Ideal homes would be with a backyard so they can play to the maximum, so not necessarily suited for apartment living.   They can be either Miniature, Medium, or Standard in size which varies depending on mum and dad. On average their sizes are approximately Standard 52-63 cm / 25-45kgs; a Medium 45-52 cm / 15-22 kgs / and a Miniature 35-45cm / 8-15kgs depending on the size of their parents however this is a guide only and can not be guaranteed.  Their expected life span is around 12-15 years.


Aussiedoodles are a cross with an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.  Coats can vary in colour and type ie curly, wavy or even straight.  Some have tighter curls like their poodle parent whilst others have waiver coats. As a general rule although they are not completely non shedding, they have minimal hair loss but this does depend on their coat type. Approximate size range is between 20-25kgs / 45-50 cms which is dependent on the size of mum and dad however this is a guide only and can not be guaranteed.  They do need regular exercise and active play each day. They are very playful, smart and loyal and do best when you offer lots of attention and exercise. They are a friendly and sociable breed with both family and visitors alike and are very trainable. They make a great family addition to any home.

POODLES (Standards / Mini & Toy)

Poodles are great for allergy sufferers as their coats consist of woolly curly fur which is non shedding. They love the water and have great agility and easy to train due to their high intelligence.  Ideally we recommend around 1 hour of exercise once fully grown. They are gentle and have a playful nature which makes them ideal for families with children. Their expected lifespan is between 10-15 years.

Standard poodles (the big ones) are very loyal and create close bonds with their human family however they can be a little shy with strangers. On average their sizes are approximately 45-61 cm and 18-31kgs in weight depending on parents heights and weights. However this is a guide only and can not be guaranteed.  

A Miniature poodle are approximately 40-45cms and 8 - 12kgs+ depending on parents heights and weights. However this is a guide only and can not be guaranteed. 

The smallest of the three size variations that we breed are the Toys.  Approximately on average weighing 3.5-5kgs and 30-35cm in height depending on parents heights and weights. However this is a guide only and can not be guaranteed. 


Shoodles (Shihtzu x toy poodle) are a very happy playful loyal and intelligent small breed. They are a combination of the intelligence of a Toy Poodle with the inquisitiveness coming from the Shihtzu breed. They are small breed with a short leg but are of a solid build, floppy long ears and their fur tends to be more like hair which can be wavy or straight. The good advantage of having a shoodle is that they do not shed which is ideal for allergy sufferers and are a low maintenance breed.  They are a great little urban dweller that settle well in an apartment environment. The average size of a Shoodle is 25-30 cm in height and 4-7kgs in weight. This is dependent on the size of the parents and is an indication only which can not be guaranteed. Colours can range from Black, Sable or Reds. Their expected lifespan is approx. 15 years.