Other Small Breeds

We also breed a selection of other small breeds that have been crossed with a toy poodle. They range from Shoodle (Shihtzu x poodle), Moodle (Maltese x poodle), Shihtzu’s, Maltese’ and cross’s.

Depending on the breed of the small dog and cross, will determine the size / weight and characteristics of the potential puppy.

We can supply details of the breed at the time of enquiry.


Shoodles (Shihtzu x toy poodle) are a very happy playful loyal and intelligent small breed. They are a combination of the intelligence of a Toy Poodle with the inquisitiveness coming from the Shihtzu breed. They are small breed with a short leg but are of a solid build, floppy long ears and their fur tends to be more like hair which can be wavy or straight. The good advantage of having a shoodle is that they do not shed which is ideal for allergy sufferers and are a low maintenance breed.  They are a great little urban dweller that settle well in an apartment environment. The average size of a Shoodle is 25-30 cm in height and 4-7kgs in weight. Colours can range from Black, Sable or Reds. Their expected lifespan is approx. 15 years.


Moodles (Maltese x toy poodle) are an extremely sweet affectionate and loyal little dog. With the influence of the poodle they are highly intelligent and quick to learn and pick up commands. They seem to love everyone that they encounter which includes both us humans and other animals.  On average their sizes are approximately 20-25cm 3-5kgs and will be part of your life’s for about 10-15 years.