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Diamond Valley Kennels Spoodles

The Spoodle is an adorable dog with long shaggy to wavy hair and large brown 'I want to be your friend forever' eyes. These furbabies make excellent family pets for those families that have an active outdoor lifestyle. They seem to adore the water so be prepared to have fun at the beach. The combination of the intelligence of the poodle crossed with the generally devoted nature of the cocker spaniel seems to make a great blend.ย 

Generally speaking, Spoodles coats being non shedding make this breed very popular for those searching for a dog that is hyper-allergenic. If this is an important requirement, itโ€™s best to look for a fluffier, curlier coat.ย  Most of our Spoodle puppies have shaggy curly coats, but nothing is guaranteed, and we sometimes have puppies where their coats are a little straighter and therefore may slightly shed. ย 

Spoodles love their playtime, retrieving a ball, running in the surf or chasing the kids around in the yard, they have a lot of energy that is enjoyed by all. ย 

Their size varies depending on if they are a Toy Spoodles or Miniature Spoodle. We breed both and on average sizes for a Toy are 30-35cm/5-7 kgs or a Miniature 40-45cm/8-12kgs depending on the size of Mum and Dad. Colours range from Black, Chocolate (although rare), Apricot/Gold or Red all with or without white markings.