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Customer Stories

Diamond Valley Kennels Customer Stories

We love all our fur babies and saying goodbye when our puppies find new loving homes is never easy. Here are some of our favourite messages from very happy customers.

If you would like to have your story featured, please send your message along with a photo of your puppy to our head office HERE.

Murphy 🐶

Diamond Valley Kennels - Murphy

In July we picked up our beautiful Toy Cavoodle Murphy aka Taj, straight away he gave us so much love.

He has such a great personality, happy and the best companion not sure what we’d do without him now.

Murphy was so quick to train with toilet training and other commands. He just loves visitors and we’ve never heard a mean growl out of him. Murphy just wants to be friends with everyone.

He has never really destroyed his toys and a select few he will carry around the house all day with and take his naps with it under his head.

Thank you DVK for your help and for our little Murphy who we just love, I would highly recommended you to anyone searching for a new fur baby. We have certainly found our experience to be amazing!

Todd & Karen

Asha 🐶

Diamond Valley Kennels - Asha

On 05 Nov 2022, our long searched for and longed for female ruby red Mini Cavoodle was found at Diamond Valley Kennels (DVK).

Our little girl ‘Asha’ (previously known at DVK as Tickles) became a beautiful addition into our lives and family.  We chose the name Asha as it means : Alive, Happy, Wish , Desire and Life.  At 6 months of age now, she has already brought so much joy, laughter, happiness and light into our lives and home.

Asha was mostly toilet trained and extremely well socialised when we collected her at 8 weeks of age. She is not fussy with food and roast chicken is her dognip. She has a wonderful temperament, and is always eager to play, have a cuddle and to learn something new. 

She is very responsive to training, and often without many verbal prompts, can sit; lay down; come when called; stays; plays fetch by bringing her toy to us, letting it go and sitting and waiting for it to be thrown again to repeat the process;  waits for permission to eat; crawls; spins on her back legs; high fives with both paws and can boop noses.

Asha loves to spontaneously have zoomies and we believe she would give greyhounds a run for their money! With her ears flapping as she runs ,the look on her face is always one of pure happiness and enjoyment.

She is very social and loves meeting other puppies, dogs and humans of all breeds and sizes.  She is very gentle with children and has a very sweet nature. 

Whenever we are out with Asha, whether walking; stopping at a pet store or Bunnings; or dining at a pet friendly café, everyone smiles at her, stops for a pat/cuddle or tells us how beautiful and soft she is.

Asha loves playing with her toys especially tug-o-war, and her nightly cuddles on the couch are heart warming.

From our first visit to DVK when we decided to introduce a puppy back into our lives again, and all throughout the following communications, up to collection day, all contact was conducted professionally, informatively and very experienced, with no question ever made to feel silly.

If you are searching for a new furry family member for your or your family, one that is well-bred, well socialised and has a wonderful sweet disposition, and will bring you many smiles and much joy, we have confidence in highly recommending DVK to assist with finding a beautiful addition into your family.

Vince & Marion M

Dawson 🐶

Diamond Valley Kennels - Dawson

Our Toy Cavoodle Dawson is a beautiful addition to our family. He has a gorgeous temperament and came already accustom to using puppy pads, which has made toilet training him that bit easier. He is very cuddly, but also loves to have zoomies in the backyard until he's tuckered out and will have a snooze in his bed. He is fantastic with kids and has been easy to train so far. 

DVK have been fantastic with their prompt responses to each email, along with the little care package which was sent too.

We are so blessed to have such a sweet little puppy and can’t wait for all the adventures we will have with him.

Leah M

Lexi & Legend 🐶

Diamond Valley Kennels - Lexi & Legend

Thank you to the truly terrific team at Diamond Valley Kennels for my two gorgeous Shoodle puppies, Lexi and Legend (i.e., now Sammy Legend). Your service was outstanding with Legend, so when it came time for his little companion, I would not go anywhere else.

Little Lexi has already taken over and is very playful and sassy with her half-brother. She eats his food and takes his toys, and he does not mind! Legend has a very sweet nature. Rest assured, Lexi and Legend are well-loved.

I really appreciate the loving puppy care, professionalism, spotless facilities, vet check, ability to visit, puppy photo updates, friendly service, puppy starter pack, beautiful toys and knowledgeable advice. Well done again, DVK.

Rosemary P

Oscar and Ollie 🐶

DVK Testimonials Oscar and Ollie

I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the boys Armani and Alesandro aka Oscar and Ollie!

They are doing really well, 4 months old and getting up to lots of trouble! They are fully toilet trained now, but still seem to want to eat their poop (everyone says it's a retriever thing). Both have graduated from Puppy school with honours! They both are very smart and always used as an example on how to perform tricks.

They will always sit for treats, they know wait, lay down, roll, paw, high five! They have started going on their regular walks which have been a fun challenge sometimes when they get tired half way home! 

Overall they are beautiful well-mannered and have a great temperament all a testament to the wonderful job that you team did before they arrive in our home. I've attached a few photos of them to show you how much they are growing! Ollie (Alesandro) is the main puppa in charge, well he would like to think he is but always comes for a snuggle. Whereas Oscar (Armani) is the always independent, can do everything on his own but sometimes loves to be held is a big teddy bear. His nickname is Teddy or Theodore since he is a lot more fluffier than his brother. 

Amanda B

Albert 🐶

DVK Testimonials Albert

Albert is great - absolutely loving life and I’m so so happy. 

Here’s some photos of him living his best life - when he’s not playing he loves sleeping on his back in various random places around the house! 

Abbey T

Scooby 🐶

DVK Testimonials - Scooby

He is doing so well and has fit into our family just like he has always been with us. He is eating really well, and is starting to open up and show us his cheeky side which is so adorable. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling with us on the couch before bed at night time.

We are beyond happy with him and can’t thank you guys enough, he is absolutely perfect and has made our little family feel complete!

Stevie M

Hagrid 🐶

DVK Testimonials Hagrid

We bought Hagrid from you 3 years ago  this year and what a little trooper he turned out to be. Our experience with DVK was excellent with the girls on duty that day being so kind and friendly. The kennels were spotlessly clean and although we didn’t get to meet Hagrid’s parents photos and details were supplied to us. Thank you for our star boy he fitted into our family perfectly and training with him was a breeze as you can see from the photos he is a handsome boy and we love him dearly, his temperament is so gentle and polite I would highly recommend DVK.

Suzanne and Ian D

Apollo 🐶

DVK Testimonials Apollo

We received our Apollo from Diamond Valley Kennels (DVK) early December 2021.

Our experience with DVK is best summarised as follows;

  1. Professional;
  2. Good communication;
  3. Trustworthy; and
  4. Experienced to say the very least.

We first communicated with a lady called Sam.

She understood our needs and gave us really good advice on moving forward to secure our puppy.

Sam was friendly and spoke with compassion and more importantly, common sense.

Essentially that’s what got us thru the door.

We next communicated with Lisa (Little Lisa) who introduced us to Apollo for the very first time (photos attached).

Lisa is quite knowledgeable and offered us so much information.

In fact, every staff member we came across during that first visit, were friendly and welcoming.

The financial process was handled expertly and without fuss.

The introduction & collection process was professional to say the very least.

On collection day, it was as if every staff member came out to say goodbye to Apollo and we were so touched by the gesture.

Definitely the enthusiasm and love for dogs, shone thru brightly.

We highly recommend DVK to any families seeking a fur family member.

Michael L

Rumi 🐶

DVK Testimonials Rumi

I have been meaning to reach out to you since Rumi (Chocolate) arrived but the bundle of joy has kept me busy, however I just saw your post asking for testimonials and photos and so I thought there is no time like the present!

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and help to welcome our new family member Rumi. She has been an absolute delight and brings so much joy to people where ever she goes. Your openness to work with me with border restrictions, facilitate virtual meetings and extra visits from excited family members was most helpful and made the experience all the more enjoyable. The puppy pack information you provided me was so helpful in the first few weeks as I learned to be a pup mum and ensure I was on track with vet visits.

Thank you again for being so helpful, life is better now with Rumi in it!

Alisha E

Bobby 🐶

DVK Testimonials Bobby

We received Bobby from Diamond Valley Kennels in July 2020.

With so many puppy scams in Victoria we were initially concerned about buying online but any questions we had were promptly answered, in a friendly and knowledgeable way, so that we felt we were dealing with trustworthy people.  After selecting our gorgeous Bobby we paid the deposit and finally the full amount to DVK who kept us up to date with his progress all the way.

DVK helped us arrange transfer for him to Melbourne via road at a very reasonable rate and we were very happy when he arrived in excellent health and just a bundle of joy along with a bag of goodies!

We found DVK excellent to deal with and feel confident in recommending them to potential puppy buyers.

Tayla O

Sadie 🐶

Diamond Valley Kennels Testimonials Sadie

We recently brought our new pup, Sadie, home from Diamond Valley Kennels. We were so impressed with the beautiful property, the lovely facilities and the friendly staff. Sadie is such a beautiful pup who we know will slot into our family perfectly. We recommend DVK 100%!

Sarah G

Harvey 🐶

DVK Testimonials Harvey

Hello Lynn and the wonderful team at DVK. I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Harvey is really settling in to life with us and has brought so much joy to our whole family.

His beautiful nature has brightened the days of so many in his short time with us.  Harvey met with some of my residents where I work and I have attached some photos of the beautiful reactions.

Thank you for all of your assistance when we were in the process of adopting Harvey a very positive and happy experience for all of us. 

Tracey S

Molly 🐶

DVK Testimonials Molly

Molly is perfect and a very happy puppy. She has adapted well in the last few days and is playful and at times totally chilled, as you will see in one of the photos.

I would like to commend your team and business. Everyone has been a delight to talk to, extremely helpful and it is obvious that the dogs/puppies are what is most important to all.

I brought from DVK, as my daughter also brought her Cavoodle from you. I will certainly and have already been, singing your praises.

Thank you so much, for the beautiful addition to our family.

Kind regards and forever grateful.

Jill W

Archie 🐶

DVK Testimonial- Archie

I fell in love with Archie the moment I saw him on the facebook site. He has been a dream from the day he arrived home, slept all through the night and doggy door trained, so he went straight outside to toilet. I take him to work with me and he soon got used to the office life, even though he is still a puppy, after a good walk, will spend most of the day in his ‘office bed’ sleeping. He is good on the lead, knows to sit and wait for his meals and brings back toys thrown for him. Even on the busy road, the traffic doesn’t seem to faze him. 

He is such a wonderful dog and I highly recommend Diamond Valley Kennels. The premises were easy to find, well-kept and clean, all the ladies were delightful to chat to and you could see how much they love their pups. Archie was given lots of toys to bring home with as well as blankets and other goodies.

Photos of him the day he arrived home, well chilled.

Trish H