Customer Stories

We love all our fur babies and saying goodbye when our puppies find new loving homes is never easy. Here are some of our favourite messages from very happy customers.

If you would like to have your story featured, please send your message along with a photo of your puppy to our head office HERE.

We purchased our puppy Theodore from Diamond Valley Kennels only a few weeks ago and I can already say that if I were to get another cavoodle or any other specialist cross breed there is nowhere else I would rather go. The team at DVK were nothing but wonderful throughout. From my very first contact with them to select my puppy through till once Theodore was home with me they were always there to answer all my annoying questions and concerns. Despite COVID restrictions limiting my ability to visit my pup in advance DVK still made me feel included in the entire process with weekly check ins and updates via email and viewing of the facilities through social medias. I’ve been on waiting lists for years and did my research extensively before settling on DVK. What some may call ‘too many litters’ and ‘puppy farm like’ I call DVKs ability to meet the high demand for such cross breeds. Each and every puppy was well looked after, cared for and loved from day dot, and the same goes for their parents. When my puppy was not approved by the vet to go home at the estimated time DVK ensured I was fully in the loop the entire time and I knew that staying with his mon slightly longer was the best thing for my pup. Open arriving at the premises on collection day it was evident that the pups and their mons were well looked after – no cages but large spaces, wonderful play areas and lots of love from the amazing staff. I cannot recommend DVK enough to anyone looking for a cavoodle, Spoodles and the many other wonderful breeds DVK caters for. I have spoken with numerous other puppy owners who also got their pups from DVK and they all say the same thing. Thank you DVK for breeding such beautifully natured puppies and for all the time, care and love you put into each and every dog on your premises. Ashlyn - Sept 2020
Here is Claude who used to be Simba. We picked him up from DVK on the 1 December 2019 and he has added joy continuously to our family. Yesterday he turned 1. Our family is so grateful to have him in our lives. Thank you. Lynley - Sept 20 (Cavoodle)
 I purchased a cavoodle puppy from you back in April of this year, who has since been renamed to Alfie. He has been the most beautiful addition to our lives. I just wanted to extend my genuine thanks to you because not only is he the cutest looking dog but he also has the most beautiful temperament and absolutely loves being around his family. I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Kelsey
We thought you would appreciate an update on Rose, whom we have since named Charlie. She settled very easily into our home and our hearts. Toilet training was pretty straight forward, with few accidents. She’s such a sweet little girl, almost 6 mths now. She is very clever and at times has been playfully referred to as 'the naughty child’ for her curious nature, but we adore her. She’s been frequently socialised with other dogs with ease, very social with every person and completing ‘official’ puppy training next week. She’s been a fast learner. She’s grown quite long limbs and hasn’t had a haircut as yet (except for a trim around her eyes), so appears much bigger than her frame. Not sure if she has much more growing to do. Many of the locals admire her colouring. Thank you for making this possible; she’s a joy and currently napping on my lap, while I type. Kerri - Aug 20
Thank you so so much.  In the last few weeks our puppy has amazed us even more, with more commands she has learnt and even now knows how to open the baby gate we have to our hallway to stop her going to the rooms when not home; so you have to make sure you shut it properly lol such smart pups they are.  Her personality is just placid, kind and caring and has so much love to give to us as we do to her.  I do thank you for giving us this opportunity and making us a priority, as this has been given to us at just the right time and she has made us feel like a completed family now :) Rebecca & Honey Nov 20
I just wanted to tell you how our little puppy is going 3.5 years on from when we purchased her in 2016. Bella is the most divine dog we have ever met, she is funny, she gets on with absolutely everyone and every dog she meets, she is loyal and has been the most amazing addition to our small family of 3. Thank you thank you for breeding such beautiful animals for us to all enjoy. Keep up the good work. Mel - Feb 2020
This morning we collected our special little man. We went with the plan to bring this particular puppy home, but we met other little furry people to make sure he was truly the one. The office / nursery was bright clean and cheerful with all the available puppies eying off the people wondering if he or she would be chosen. The lovely ladies, were wonderfully friendly and helpful and saw us through the adoption of "Bobby" and made it a memorable experience for us. The "Starter Kit" we were given was very useful. Medical and diet history and other information to care for your pup was provided. "Shop " items were very well priced. Three people left with puppies before us and others followed........plenty of happy pups and parents. When we brought Bobby home, he was quick to explore his new home. He approved !!!  He found a new friend in our wardrobe mirror. He was funny to watch. We have a happy, smart little boy! If you want your special little furry "diamond" We think you should check out Diamond Valley Kennels. A great place! Thanks again DVK. Brian and Helen - Jan 2020
On Jan. 30 2019 we purchased a puppy from you. He was Dylan, a moodle from Ruby and Jack’s first litter. He is now Tiko, Grandma’s little dog, adored by all the grandchildren. He is the perfect little member of the family. He is healthy, lively, full of fun and he gives back all the affection that is lavished on him. He has brought a huge amount of joy to the family through some difficult times. We were very impressed when we bought him with the beautiful and caring environment of your kennels and we recommend them unreservedly to all who ask where he came from, including our vet and Tiko’s groomer. So thank you for bringing Tiko into our lives. Regards. Margaret Powell and all the family
We bought Dusty from you in March 2019. He is absolutely the most cute, chilliest, smart little puppy who has an obsession with stealing the toilet paper and whom has settled into our family with ease. Getting him was the best family decision we ever made! I have since meet 3 other puppy's from your kennels and they say the same about their dogs. It's a true testament to the dogs you have chosen to breed, your staff, your environment and your policy's. Thank you so much. Stephanie
Thank you very much for providing us with the best little puppy in the world. We love him. Your customer service and guidance from all of you at Diamond Valley Kennels was excellent. DVK’s operations are very professional and your hygienic value gave us a high level of comfort knowing that our little puppy came from a safe place. We will be recommending your puppies to everyone we know. Kind regards Peter - Dec 2019
We are over the moon with our little Boo. He came to us a little bit shy, toilet trained and so responsive to commands at only 12 weeks. Now nearly four weeks later he is loved to bits by our whole family. I am so grateful to you and DVK.... he is definitely loved to bits and such a good boy. Thank you again to you and all at DVK.💙🐾💙Suzi
Havana came pretty much completely toilet trained and is very well behaved (most of the time!) he is great with kids and other animals. Thanks again for everything and Merry Christmas. Liv
Thank you so much for getting touch! We are already besotted with our little Ralph (we already had a Harry 😬) We named him Ralph as our youngest boy Tom had a stuffed dog named Ralph - he was only recently retired but had no fur left and all his ears and his tail had been chewed off. Strangely they are both exactly the same colour. He has a lovely nature and has settled in well - although hates being away from us at night. We are on the Gold Coast until the end of January so he can enjoy the sand and the water for a while before we head back to the farm....and the cat! Kirilly
Hi Guys, Buddy has been sooo Amazing 😍😍. He is settling very good at our house and brings lots of Joy and Happiness to our family. Thank you very much Guys👍🏻. You are the best. Ben