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CP - Grooming Your Puppy

Diamond Valley Kennels Grooming


Depending on the breed grooming will be required but some may require more than others. It is important to try to continue positive experiences around grooming tasks so puppies do not become overwhelmed and associate this as a something they dislike. You want to make this as easy as possible on the both of you and hopefully an enjoyable experience – especially for puppy filled with treats!

Something to keep in mind is that if you are uneasy more than likely, your puppy will pick up on this. If you are not confident in a certain task, then take to a groomer and ask for some tips to help you be more at ease when looking after your puppy.

Diamond Valley Kennels Grooming


With Oodles breeds, on of the the main things that need attending to is the trimming around the eyes. We always want to see their beautiful little eyes; however also want to ensure the extra growth around the area is not irritating them. Keeping the eyes clear with a little trim with a small pair of scissors (1) can make a world of difference.

Tear stains can also be prevalent with many breeds. More so with lighter colours dogs such as  red, apricot, gold, white and Blenheim colourings. You can purchase a tear stain removal from your local pet shop.


Dogs with longer ears, such as Cavaliers, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Cavoodles and Spoodles can be prone to wax build-up and additional hair in their ears, making them itch. If you find that puppy is scratching at their ears (and it’s not them getting used to their collar – Or it is nice and clear from any straggling hairs), it could be a sign of an ear infection such as ear mites which invade the ear cannel. So, make sure you check the ears when you are doing your groom to keep an eye out. Clear signs of an ear infection are excess and dark wax build-up, bad smell and scratching. This is very treatable with your vet with drops, and the earlier the infection is caught, the better. You can use some ear cleaners from any pet store to keep them clean and always be sure to dry the ears thoroughly as excess moisture can also cause these infections and irritation.


Depending on the breed of your dog will depend on what type of grooming with their coat they need. Regular bushing no matter what the coat is like helps to keep the coat looking clean and shiny. If your dog has a coat that sheds (cavalier, cocker spaniel, golden retriever) we would suggest using a de-shedding brush (2) and doing this at least 2 times a week. This helps to minimize the amount of hair they are dropping and keep your floors a little cleaner.

If your puppy has a thicker coat with a Poodle or Poodle cross coat, although they do not shed all that much as their fur is much thicker, it can be prone to matting in sections if not brushed regularly.

The worst thing you want to happen is not to be able to get matted sections out and therefore removal needed with scissors or shaven by a groomer if unable to be detangled. Your local pet shop will be able to assist with the best brush for your needs and detangler products if required.

Brushes are available to purchase from our showroom on day of collection. 

Tip: when brushing, also be on the lookout for ticks and fleas. Hopefully, you are already using the appropriate protection for puppies age but always keep a lookout. Key places for these are the little nooks and cranny’s such as between their toes, behind their ears, near their back legs and groin areas.

If you have a dog that grows a long coat such as a Cavoodle or Spoodle you need to know that clipping their coat will be something that will be required on average between 8 – 12 weeks depending on how quick it grows and how long you want to keep it before clipping. Just remember, the more coat they have, the hotter it will be for them. It is not unusual to leave the coat a little longer in the winter months and shorter in the summer to help cool them down. Costs can vary depending on your groomer so ensure you price around but also look at reviews. Pricing can range anywhere from $40 - $200 depending on what you require to be done. 


Nail clipping is something that may still need to be attended too even if you walk your dog/puppy on a regular basis, as depending on the surfaces in your house, it may not wear the nails down as far as they require. Try to play and touch their paws as often as possible as this will help get them used to the nail clipping exercise. When clipping the nails, you just want to take the tips off or just before the pink starts.

Diamond Valley Kennels How to Cut Nails

This is called the ‘quick’, and you want to avoid cutting the nail too close to this area as it will be very painful for the puppy and also bleed badly as this is where the blood vessel is. If you are not confident with this task, it is not something you need to do weekly, so either your groomer or even vet can do this for you. If you want to do this yourself, a good pair of dog nail clippers (3) are essential.

Nail clippers are available to purchase in our showroom on day of collection.

Washing your Puppy

You can wash your puppy at any time with a mild shampoo and conditioner. 

We prefer to use a natural shampoo and conditioner. These products are great for puppies or adults and are gentle on the skin. They will also help to ease any inflammations that may occur.

We use FIDOS HERBAL RINSE (4) to make your puppy smell amazing and also Progroom Shampoo (5).

These products are available to purchase from our showroom on day of collection.