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CP - Microchip Registration

When you collect your puppy, you will be requested to complete a microchip registration form with all your contact details. We will then be able to register the microchip in your name.

The registered person and second contact persons details need to be 18 + years old.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can nominate your chosen name of puppy on the same form, which we will add to the record on registration.

Please note that your pet will need to be registered with your local council which is at your own cost.  You will need your pets microchip number to complete this which can be found on your vaccination certificate.

Queensland and All Other States Residents  -  Excluding NSW

Your microchip registration will be registered with Global Micro Animal Registry (www.globalmicro.com.au). Once we have processed the microchip in to your name, you will receive an email direct from Global Micro with a link to set up your account. This will enable you to log in at any time and view or change details. You will need your microchip number to set up your account with Global Micro, which can be found on your puppy’ vaccination card.

Your puppy will be registered with Global Micro within 7-10 business days after collection has taken place.

New South Wales Residents

If your puppy is residing in New South Wales and you have noted this on your microchip registration form, we will register your puppy with AAR, the Australian Animal Register (www.myras.com.au/AAR ). AAR will send you a copy of the registration certificate to your nominated email address 24hrs after registration.

We will use the name you have chosen for puppy as your password, ie Bonnie (first letter is a capital). If you have not selected a new name for puppy, we will use DVK’s puppy name as the password ie Britney (first letter is a capital).

Your puppy will be registered with AAR within 7-10 business after collection has taken place.

In Addition, for NSW Residents

If you are in NSW, you will also receive a copy of the NSW Companion Animals Register form, a requirement for NSW only. This form is referred to as a P1A form. A copy of this form is also sent to your local council as a government requirement

NOTE: We find that once the email is sent to you from either Global Micro or AAR, these sometimes end up in customers' junk mail. Therefore, if you do not think you have received the email, please check your junk mail before contacting us.