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CP - Through Your Furbabies Eyes

Diamond Valley Kennels Through Your Furbabies Eyes

If only your new puppy could talk. Well, at DVK we have a pretty good understanding of what your gorgeous fur baby means when you look into their eyes. 

  • I really want to please you, so be clear with what I must do, so I can be the best pup ever.
  • The best way for me to learn is by letting me know the good things I do and when I get them right.
  • I will try not to be naughty, but sometimes I cannot help it. Let me know by telling me firmly, look into my eyes and praise me when I am good again, then I will understand.
  • I know someone must be the leader of the pack so let me know; otherwise, I will do the job.
  • I will try to boss you around; that’s just the way I am, so please don’t let me snatch food or push through doorways, so I can learn to be gentle.
  • I will look forward to seeing you at the end of the day.
  • Show me which toys are mine and which are not.
  • Remember, I will grow, and what is cute may not be once I’m big.
  • I want to be close to you; that is why I will jump.
  • Stop me from jumping off couch and stairs till older to save my joints.
  • My tummy & bladder are small, so I cannot hold for long.
  • Take me out to socialise, but do not take me near ones who are cranky.
  • I might even get so excited accidents will happen, sorry!!
  • Do not leave me in a car on a hot day even with the windows down; it does not take long at all for it to be too late.
  • I also wear a seat belt to keep me safe.
  • Google how to toilet train me at night with crate training. It’s awesome!
  • Finally, I would also love to go to puppy school; I promise it will be a good teaching lesson for all of us. Contact your local vet.