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CP - Toilet Training

Diamond Valley Kennels Toilet Training

A couple of important things to remember with toilet training is patience and consistency.

Although puppies have started their initial training with us and have been getting used to going to the toilet on the grass; when they do go home you need to understand they are in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. So, it’s always best to go back to the start and ensure that puppy gets acquainted with their new area to relieve themselves which does take a little patience on our end. 

How to allocate a spot?

Allocate a spot where you wish for puppy to use. Everyone’s living circumstances are different. For example, if you are in an apartment building, you may not have the ability for puppy to go outside in the garden to use the toilet all the time. This may mean you may need a little section of grass on your balcony or a toilet tray with fake grass. Otherwise, if you are in a home with a grass backyard, you may wish to continue with the outdoor training with them going outside.

Fake Grass for Toilet Training

When do I take puppy to the toilet?

Key times to take your pets to the allocated toilet area is

  • As soon as they wake up
  • After playing (If inside)
  • After eating of a big drink
  • After being in their crate

Keeping to some routine with feeding and taking puppy out at these times will ensure that you are consistent with your training. This will help to limit the amount of accidents puppy may have.

How do I discipline should puppy be going to the toilet in the wrong spot?

Always keep in mind that puppy is just learning, so try to be patient. Accidents are going to happen.

If you do catch them in the act relieving themselves in a ‘No Go Zone’, ensure you are disciplining them with a stern ‘No” and take taking them immediately to where the allocated area is so they can start to understand the fundamentals.

What are the signs to look for when puppy needs to go to the toilet?

Diamond Valley Kennels Toilet Training 2

Key signs that puppy is getting ready to go to the toilet

  • Turning in circles
  • Sniffing the ground and moving around vigorously
  • Whining or barking
  • Sitting at the door and seeking your attention

This is your indication of taking them to that allocated toilet spot and using a command such as ‘toilet’ to get them used to that command. Try to take them the same route through the house to go to the toilet, so they get used to the same route, you don’t want to confuse them too much. Once again, be patient; sometimes they can take between 1 – 15 minutes to go their business depending on how comfortable and ready they are.

How many times can my puppy go to the toilet?

Puppies can have many bowel movements a day. Up to a dozen wees and sometimes 3 -  4 stools, so don’t be alarmed at the number of times. They are only little and very small bladders.

How to use puppy pads?

Puppy pads are great to assist with toilet training if you don’t have the free availability to go outside or not the option to take them out every couple of hours. Do this in the same place every time, generally near their crate if you are crate training. Should you not be at the stage to take them outside and need assistance transitioning, continue to move the puppy pad closer and closer to the outdoor area when eventually you will not need them.

When do I reward my puppy?

Lastly, remember to encourage and reward when puppy is showing the correct behaviour. Puppies do not care how big the treat is so make sure you are breaking them up really small so you can reward them plenty of times for good behaviour without impacting their diet. Don’t forget that you can also use kibble as a reward too which will be part of their daily intake of food.  Reward immediately after they go to the toilet and do the right thing in the right place. Positive reinforcement with training does help to speed up the process as they do respond well.