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CP - Treats

Diamond Valley Kennels Treats
  • With positive reinforcement being a large part of puppy training, you’re going to need some treats on hand whilst your puppy is developing and learning new skills.
  • There are so many choices when it comes to treats and working out which ones are good and which ones are not so good for your new furbaby.
  • Whatever you choose, please give in moderation and they are not to be given as a replacement to their normal food that has the correct nutritional requirements for puppy.
  • Royal Canin produce a great product called Educ which are ideal for using for training. They are also low in calories, but you still need to ensure that you don’t overindulge your furbaby. You also need to lover your puppy’s regular food a little to account for this extra food intake.
Royal Canin Educ

These are available to purchase from our showroom on day of collection.

  • If you haven’t any Royal Canin Educ to hand, just the normal Royal Canin kibble can be used just as affectively.
  • For the extra special achievements, you can then give a large reward. We recommend treats that range from Duck Jerky, Liver baked bone, dehydrated beef liver and chicken.
  • When selecting your doggy treats try to find ones that are 100% dehydrated meat that contain no additives or preserves to ensure you are treating your furbaby to the best.
  • Remember that any introduction of new foods/treats to puppy’s diet should be introduced slowly otherwise could cause an upset tummy.


Disclaimer: The directors, officers, breeders, and staff of DVK are not liable for anything deriving from this document arising from any dietary issues with your puppy regarding the recommendations outlined above.  These recommendations are merely derived from our experience with the puppies we breed and sell to assist you in caring for your puppy once you take possession of your puppy.  Diamond Valley Kennels has used its best endeavours to assist you, the buyer of a puppy from DVK, with the recommendations herein.  We recommend you conduct your own research in this matter and consult a registered veterinarian for dietary advice for your puppy if you so desire.  DVK will take no responsibility for any vet bills incurred once the puppy has left our care unless previously approved by the director, Diamond Valley Kennels Pty Ltd.