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Proposed New Facility

DVK Proposed New Facility

It’s an exciting time at Diamond Valley Kennels

We are in the process of submitting our Development Application to relocate our business to a more accessible location in Landsborough.

Our vision is to establish an additional breeding and boarding kennel facility, which I am sure a lot of our clients have been waiting for.

Large green play areas with big shaded grassed yards that will be bigger than most people’s back yards 😊

Attentive staff on hand to socialise and play with your furbaby as well as our adults and or our gorgeous puppies. 

Best of all, the proposed location will be easier to access and closer to main roads – now that’s a big plus 😊

All in all, we are hoping that the development application is approved so we can start to build our dream state of the art facility for our Adults, future puppies as well as your beloved pets to stay in gorgeous surrounds and receive high levels of care at our purposed exceptional facility.

So, if you would like to assist us with our dreams and make them into reality then please support us by making a submission to the sunshine Coast Council by 24th JUNE 2020.

You may obtain a copy of the application and make a submission to:



What you will need to include:

Include: Your full name and address

Address of Development: 2312 Steve Irwin Way Landsborough Qld 

On: Lot 2 RP180434

Application Reference: MCU18/0311

Approval sought: Development Permit for a Material Change of Use – Impact Submission

Please include your name and address together with why you would like this development to go ahead.

We thank you for your support.

DVK Proposed New Facility


With anything new and different, there are bound to be questions raised that our community would like to know more about and issues that may be raised for our development application.

It is important to note that some of these questions and answers are not associated with our planning application for the use of  land but we hope will address any concerns you may have about the relocation of our business.

What facilities will be proposed for the new development?

  • Provide a state-of-the-art doggy boarding facility for up to 200 small dogs – 100 Kennels
  • Offer bedroom-style accommodation with private large runs
  • Spoil your beloved pets with heating and cooling, TVs and music
  • Create large grassed areas for single or mixed play with other dogs
  • Wait for this – build a pool and water park for the dogs
  • Construct a separate nursery area for breeding – all with the highest level of care, accommodation and play areas.

Why change the location of current premises?

Our existing facility is located at our family home and because we encourage an open-door policy,   we felt it was time to separate our home from the facility and re-locate in order to future-proof the growth of our business. Also our new facility will far more accessible for our clients.

Will the new premises be cared for 24/7?

Yes these will be someone onsite at all times.

How many boarding kennels are planned?

100 and will have the ability to house two animals per kennel if from the same family.

How many Breeding dogs are in the planning application?


How many nursery kennels are proposed in the application?

40, however its important to note that this does not mean these will all be used at the same time but to assist with efficiency of the cleaning process

What care do our breeding mums and pups get?

Our dogs have staff overseeing them every day from 7am till 7pm. It’s worth noting that most households don’t do that.   

What is the ratio of staff when caring for animals in boarding kennels?

1 Staff member to 7 dogs.

What health checks do you parents receive?

Some of mums are genetic tested and most of our Dads are tested. Parents also receive annual vet checks and immunizations’ where they are also assessed if that are still fit for breeding prior to having a litter. If advised that a parent should be removed from breeding program then we will rehome that parent. 

What happens with our parents if they are not breeding anymore.

All our parents get rehomed. They are desexed, fully immunized, microchipped and flea and worm treated. Generally, we have a rehoming waiting list but also advertise on our Instagram and Facebook page and ensure that they go to the most suitable home. 

How many litters can a mum have?

All our breeding dogs only have four litters in their lifetime and are de-sexed and re-homed at the age of five, which is compliant with the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) laws.

Are we members of any associations?

Yes we are. We operate under the guidelines of the Pet Industry Association of Australia – PIAA. Through our membership of PIAA, we are also members of the Australian Companion Animal Council.

Can we visit the existing premise at Diamond Valley?

Yes you can visit our existing premises by appointment only at the moment due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Will this create more jobs for the Sunshine Coast?

Absolutely once all stages are completed there could be the potential of 30-40 new positions available in a casual and full-time capacity.

When would the estimated completion of the development be?

At this stage we are just requesting Development Approval so unsure of time frame.

Do you have any other questions that aren’t covered above?

Please look at Our Vision PDF that contents more information that may answer your questions.